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Barramundi Fishing on the Daly River

The Daly is a big, beautiful barramundi and crocodile infested river, lined by dense jungle. Even though it is a fresh water river it is still tidal and flows into Anson Bay (85km downstream from Woolianna).

There are many creeks that feed into the Daly. Fishing the mouth of a creek just after the wet season is very popular...and productive! Inexperienced fisherman normally find it easier to fish during periods of neap tides, but of course the mighty 'barra' can be caught at any time.

Most people come to the Daly to catch Barramundi. However, Threadfin Salmon are just as exciting to catch and delicious to eat. Other fish often caught include Black Bream, River Shark and Catfish. The Department of fisheries of the Northern Territory have rules about Barramundi Fishing, that are enforced by both the NT Police - Fishing Enforcement Unit and the local police. A copy of these rules can be obtained from Woolianna when you arrive or phone the NT Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries on (08) 8 999 4395. At Woolianna, we strongly encourage you to experience the thrill of 'kiss and release'.

Fishing the Run-Off: This is a very popular method of fishing which follows the end of the wet season when the creeks that have been flooded by the recent wet season rains run back into the river. Lures are usually used with great success during this period.

Trolling: This is also a very popular method of fishing all year round, giving you the opportunity to experiment with a great variety of lures.

Live Bait: During the colder months, 'barra' are inclined to favor live bait especially fresh water prawns or 'cherbin' as they are known locally. These are caught with small traps in the river, which is often an exciting exercise for the younger anglers.

More Information: A good source of information about top end fishing is the Northern Territory Fish Finder Magazine available at most good newsagents. An online resource for fishing in the Northern Territory can be found at